Our Homes

Impact for Change has 3 residential children’s homes. Each with a uniqueness and individuality that supports every young person staying there. 

Our Homes

Luton Lane Farm

Luton Lane Farm was our first home. It is located in a rural village near Cullompton, Devon. It is a long term Children’s Home for 2 young people aged 8-18 with social, emotional and mental health difficulties.

Holly Farm

Holly Farm was our second home. It is a long term home registered for 3 young people, aged 8-18 with social, emotional and mental health difficulties.

Holly Farm is located in a small village near Langport, Somerset.

As well as the main house, it has a self-contained annex attached. This is suitable for either young people requiring higher levels of care or young people developing their independence skills.

Temple Cross

Temple Cross is our third home. It is located in a very rural village near Tiverton, Devon. Temple Cross is registered for 3 young people aged between 8-18 with social, emotional, mental health difficulties.

It has extensive grounds and more importantly chickens!

All our homes are registered for young people with EBD, MLD and SEMH. However, we are unable to care for young people that have severe mobility issues or those young people that require medical oversight for drugs, alcohol and mental health issues.

Help us, help young people

Landlords we need you!

Impact for Change  provides a care and support services across the South West to a diverse range of young people.

We are a growing company with a strong reputation for the provision of quality care to vulnerable individuals.

Impact for Change know that as a landlord you could earn lots of money doing air b&b, but as a landlord with Impact for Change you could give a child a home!

Over the covid period, we have seen a dramatic rise in referrals, sadly we just done have the homes to help these young people.

If you have properties to rent let us know! Impact for Change look for remote, rural properties to support our young people.

We understand the importance of peace of mind for a landlord, particularly in terms of consistent payment of rent and the condition of the property. By leasing your property to us, we will ensure that the rent is paid in full and on time, the property is looked after properly and there are no void periods at all.

Impact for Change operate an experienced and multi-disciplinary maintenance team that can look after your property and will take care of all tenant obligations.

In addition to this, our services are regulated by  Ofsted who require any property and environment in use to be of the highest standard.

Impact for Change can offer significant guarantee of tenure and provide long term security by offering tenancy arrangements lasting typically between 1-5 years.

If you are interested in working in partnership with Impact for Change. Please get in touch for an informal chat.

We look forward to hearing from you.