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Impact for Change aim to create long term change for at risk individuals. 


A children's residential provision with a difference! We are a social enterprise, dedicated to creating long term change for vulnerabe young people.


Years working within the Residential Childcare sector confirms that maintaining a strong value base, focused on outcomes for young people and providing a provision that is good enough for our loved ones WORKS!


Too often this sector is tarnished by bottom lines and profit margins, isn't it possible to create a successful business primarily focused on the care provision? 


We believe so, that is why Impact for Change is being created. 

What we do

Impact for Change provide residential provisions for vulnerable young people, who have experienced trauma within their lives.


Our residential homes provide a safe, consistent, theraputic environment to support the recovery journey.


Team members are dedicated to a child centred approach focusing on the individual needs of the child.


Impact for Change care delivery is based upon creating safe bases for the young people to develop from, using attachment theory based models.

As a BUSINESS we aim for longterm change for at risk young people. We achieve this through:

Using Innovative practices for all involved.

Acting in a Moral and ethical manner.

Promoting a Pay it forward approach as a business and as individuals.

Dedicated to Aspiartional service delivery.

High social Conscious driving business development.

Acting with intergriTy throughout.

As a SOCIAL ENTERPRISE we aim for:

  1. Impact for Change will generate the majority of its income through trade.
  2. Impact for Change will reinvest at least 51% of any profit generated back into the business and its social aims.
  3. Impact for Change will act autonomously with its social aims and values at the centre of any decision making process.
  4. Impact for Change will maintain a majority control dedicated to its social aims and values.
  5. Impact for Change will be transparent and accountable throughout all of its activities.

As a social enterprise dedicated to socal change, the business focusses on the following 3 outcomes to measure against:


This impact is measured against young people, staff members and the wider community.


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