General Data Protection Regulation: Children’s Homes

Learning Objectives To understand the meaning of “personal information confidentiality” To know the basic terms and principles in relation to GDPR To understand GDPR after Brexit To know how to identify who or where the weakest link is To know who will be policing the GDPR in your setting To know what a data protection…
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LADO: Local Authority Designated Officer

The aim of this course is to provide you with an understanding of the role of the Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO) and what should and need not be referred to the LADO.  This course is for anyone who works or cares for children and young people within Devon. This course gives you the background…
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Epilepsy Awareness

Welcome to Epilepsy Awareness.  The purpose of this module is to improve your understanding of epilepsy, including causes and triggers, types of seizure and methods of treatment.  Learning Outcomes: Awareness Seizures Treatments Differential Diagnosis Summary

Internet Safety

Reporting & Recording

Child Sexual Exploitation

Learning Objectives To gain an understanding of what child sexual exploitation (CSE) is and the different models To identify the key signs and indicators of risk/vulnerability for CSE To understand trafficking, grooming, and CSE in gangs and groups To be aware of the long-term and short-term impacts of CSE To know how and where to…
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Female Genital Mutilation

Female genital mutilation (sometimes referred to as female circumcision or FGM) refers to procedures that intentionally alter or cause injury to the female genital organs for non-medical reasons. The practice is illegal in the UK. This course will look at the reasons for FGM, the procedures related to it and signs of it. The learning…
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Safeguarding Children- Advanced

Learning Objectives To know the scope of safeguarding and the structure of child protection To understand the safeguarding legal framework To be aware of contextual safeguarding and the importance of early intervention To know the different types of abuse and how to recognise risk To understand the process for responding and reporting To be aware…
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Health and Nutrition

This course is a comprehensive guide to health and nutrition. The course explains the importance of having a healthy, balanced diet and gives in-depth information about the different types of food that are important to include in your diet. The course also gives advice on how to promote healthy eating and exercise in the children…
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Self Harming Behaviours

This course, which is suitable for anyone working with young people, will look at the stereotypes, myths, and reality of self-harm. It will also examine young people’s experiences, the assessment and management of risk, and building resilience in practice.

Psychological First Aid: Supporting Children and Young People.

Learning Objectives To understand what psychological first aid (PFA) is To be aware of the four stages of PFA To understand children’s cognitive development and responses to stressful situations over the years To know how to assess and identify additional needs in children and young people To know how to engage in effective conversations and…
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Health and Safety

The aim of health and safety is to foster a safe working environment. Health and safety deals with protection mainly in safety, health, and indeed the welfare of people. However, young children are not able to assess risks properly themselves, therefore, it is vital that we know how to keep them safe. This course is…
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This course gives course members an overview of safer medication handling processes. Learning Objectives To know how to comply with good practice to safely administer medication To be aware of a range of medications, their form, and route of administration To be able to identify the six rights of medication To review a label for…
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This course aims to provide an understanding of the obligations you have to manage the risk of infections, methods to keep you free from infections, and also the various control measures you can put into place.


The potential consequences of improperly managed hazardous substances in the workplace or care environment range from bodily injury to death. Therefore, following COSHH guidance can, in some circumstances, be a matter of life or death. Its importance cannot be overstated. This course will give you the tools you need to protect yourself and those around…
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Fire Safety Children’s Homes Online Course

This course is a comprehensive guide to understanding fires and fire safety. The course explains the cost of fires on life, businesses, and firefighters themselves, highlighting just how devastating a serious fire can be. The course offers information on how fires are started and what factors can make them spread, giving you advice and guidance…
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Contents Objectives A Definition Bullying Facts and Stats The Impact of Bullying When Can Bullying Happen? Types of Bullying Cyberbullying – In More Detail Victimisation The Law Bullying in Care The Bullying Process Long-Term Consequences for Bullies Signs of Bullying The Emotional Impact for Victims Long-Term Consequences for Victims Where Bullying Comes From Blocks to Disclosure Finding…
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Food Hygiene Advanced

This course will help you to achieve the following standards. The Children’s Home Quality Standards Standard 1 – The quality and purpose of care standard Standard 2 – The children’s wishes and feelings standard Standard 3 – The education and learning standard Standard 4 – The enjoyment and achievement standard Standard 5 – The health…
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