Equality, Diversity And Cultural Competence Online Course

Equality, Diversity And Cultural Competence Online Course

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The children and families that you work with in your practice will come from a wide range of backgrounds; they will be from a variety of cultures and religions; they will speak different languages and will have different sexualities or disabilities. Every child that you work with deserves equality in their care and education. This course will help you understand your cultural competency so that you can foster a diverse and inclusive setting for all.

The learning objectives for this course are as follows:

  • To understand what cultural competence is and its importance in a diverse society
  • To understand the need to work with children in a culturally competent manner
  • To understand what equality and diversity are
  • To understand how to work with individual young people in a culturally competent fashion
  • To understand diversity and how an individual understands their identity

This course meets the Children’s Home Quality Standards as outlined in The Children’s Homes Regulations (England) 2015 and Children’s Homes Quality Standards 2015.