"Be the change you wish to see in the world"

Welcome to Impact for Change

Residential Childcare

Impact for Change provide residential childcare for children and young people with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties.


Impact for Change prides itself for doing things differently. Care is at the center of what we do, as a business but also as individuals:
social Concious

Great People

Our people are what makes us great. Impact for Change is a small family run business, with family at the heart of what we achieve.

Impact for Change

Impact for Change started in 2017, with the core belief of doing things differently. That’s what we set out to achieve and that’s what we are continuously working towards.

Residential Childcare

Impact for Change believe every child deserves a home and a childhood. This is achieved through love, safety, commitment and fun. 

Theraputic Approaches.

Working with our clinical lead staff support our young people through creativity, structure and care.

Every Child Matters

All young people are considered! Our reputation is caring for the “hard to place” young people. 

Multi Agency Framework

Working together for the needs of the young person.

Our Team

Our team is what makes us different. We employee a diverse range of people who want to make a difference.

Clare and Mark


Donna Barrow

HR Manager

Nick Scribbins

Senior Manager

Leigh Sayer

Property Services Manager

Hannah L-Perkins

Registered Manager

Jan Bevan

Registered Manager

Mum and Dad

Looks after us all

What People Say About Us

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what people think:

It is clear he feels safe and secure within Holly Farm and has formed positive relationships with staff. I think he is aware that staff have stood by him and helped him to communicate his anxieties more appropriately.

G Anderson


I couldnt imagine working anywhere else. This is my second family, I dont want to be anywhere else.

Emma Sweet

Impact for Change

I know it sounds overly positive but I feel very confident with the service these providers offer, unlike the experiences we had with other residential provisions. As I keep saying their practice is child-centred and focused on each YP’s individual needs.

E Kanakubo


Impact for Change Regeneration Team

Changing Minds and Hearts.
Inspiring the next generation

Here at Impact For Change we hold the current ecological climate at the forefront of our minds and try where possible to make good choices.

We have combined our passion for young people and the natural world around us, by forming a dynamic team of local young people whose focus is based around all things “green”. We believe the next generation are the ones that can change the world for the better.

We hold weekly meetings where new ideas are formed, research is carried out and then put into practice.

We focus on small, achievable projects that can make a difference. We are all about planting, upcycling, recycling and doing our best to look after our planet and the community around us.

Employee Support

Caring for you as you care for us

Impact for Change offer extensive employee support packages. Including mentoring schemes, top of the range AXA health care and YuLife.


Being part of Impact for Change means you are automatically enrolled at Ecologi.

That means you are part of the fight against the environmental genocide that is currently happening.

Impact for Change help to fund the world’s best climate solutions by running a climate positive workforce. 

Impact for Change Charity Support

Impact for Change have a dedicated annual charity, these have been the Amber Trust, Dogs Helping Kids and Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital.
In light of the difficult times, we continue to support RD&E. This year we are doing a charity sky dive, we are aiming to raise £6000! If you want to support us click on the button below.

Support the NHS