Social Enterprise

Impact for Change has been created with social enterprise principles. This means we go above and beyond to ensure we have a positive impact on society.

Following social enterprise principles, as a business we endeavour to:

  1. Generate the majority of our income through trade.

2. Reinvest at least 51% of any profits generated back into the business and its social aims.

3. Act autonomously with our social aims and values at the heart of any decision making process.

4. Majority control will be maintained, dedicated to its social aims and values. 

5. Impact for Change  will be transparent and accountable throughout all its activities.

Impact for Change is a Social Enterprise dedicated to social change, though improving outcomes. As a business we measure the impact of social  change that have affected:

  1. Young People.
  2. Team Members.
  3. The wider community.
  • Engaged in the concept of employment.
  • Creating employment opportunities.
  • Enjoyment and commitment.
  • High retention.


  • Qualifications:
    • Academic.
    • Non-Academic.
  • Self-led learning.
  • Free courses to the community.
  • Enjoyment, fun and ┬árisk taking.
  • Nurturing of ┬áself and others.
  • Work-homelife balance.

Annual Charity

For 2020-2021 we are supporting RD&E Charity. This trust has supported several of our young people in crisis, our property services manager Les with his battle against cancer and our Director Mark who had a heart attack in May! 2020 has been a difficult year, it seemed fitting to have a keyworker charity as our charity of the year.