Training and Development

Impact for Change are committed to quality training and development to ensure the young people in our care receive the best possible opportunities.

We facilitate our courses in a group environment to enable effective learning, we provide experienced trainers to ensure maximum up-to-date knowledge.

We have various courses running throughout the year, if you are interested in attending or wish to arrange a course at your place of work please contact Donna,


Team Teach provides a holistic training framework through the promotion of de-escalation strategies to reduce risk and restraint within the workplace. Team Teach aims to support teaching, learning and caring, by increasing staff confidence and competence, in responding to behaviours that challenge, whilst promoting and protecting positive relationships.

Impact for Change’s Director, Clare Leach is a Principle Team Teach tutor and is able to provide 6hr, 12hr Team Teach courses, as well as advanced modules and tutor courses.

We can provide local discounts if your workplace is in Devon, Somerset, North Somerset or Bristol. Just contact us direct.

This  full day course discusses child development and attachment. Allowing course members to have a greater understanding and awareness of child development and how interruptions can effect a young persons growth. It also introduces attachment theory, what attachment theory is and how it effects the young people they care for in a day-to-day manner. It is designed to develop empathy in staff members to understand and support young people in a more curious and considerate manner.


  • Have an understanding of developmental milestones for children and young people.
  • Have an understanding of child development theories.
  • Have an understanding of attachment theory.
  • Have an understanding of patterns of attachment.
  • Discuss parental relationships and impact on attachment.
  • Relate children’s behaviour to attachment theory.
  • Explore strategies on improving attachment and emotional resilience.

£75 per person.

Impact for Change deliver Autism awareness training. This day discusses the traits of autism, behavioural symptoms and discussed strategies to support the children and young people as individuals. This course is facilitated by Andrew Swartfigure, on of the leading ABA practitioners in the country.

This one day course discusses self harming behaviours. It looks at tiggers, behavioural support and self care skills for those working with children and young people who display self harming traits.

This one day course presented by Bernard Allen provides  a wide range of positive behavioural supports based on the application of the latest research on the psychology of mood and behaviour management. Bernard discusses how the whole body, brain and mind can work together, why sometimes they don’t and what we can do to improve them.

This  full day course introduces the topic of child sexual exploitation. Allowing course members to have a greater understanding of what and how sexual exploitation presents for young people. It challenges judgements and stigmas, that effect the support given to young people. It is designed to develop empathy in staff members to understand and support young people in a more proactive manner.

  • Consider definitions and forms of sexual exploitation
  • Identify vulnerability factors and risk indicators
  • Challenge assumptions regarding victims and perpetrators
  • Understand the grooming process
  • Consider relevant legislations relating to CSE
  • Discuss case examples and assessments

£75 per person

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